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You are most likely here, because you are looking for a way to get over "stuff in your life." Stuff that holds you back from getting to the next level, be it in your career, relationship or life. 

You want to get rid of limiting beliefs and negative emotions. You are tired of problems in your relationships and don't know how to influence others to do the things that you want them to do. 

If you want to create an impact and get unstuck from your situation, you have come to the right place. 

Read On.

Professional guidance throughout the course, for your continuous success


My name is Andreas, and I am a Certified NLP- and Hypnotherapy Trainer.

I fall in love with Asia when I arrived in 1993. I thought that this was the place to build my existence.  

Little did I know that I was about to experience 10 years of uncertainty and chaos.

But when I learned NLP in 2003, I came to realise I had the inner power to master uncertainty, get unstuck and create my life.

And ever since, I teach this beautiful tool to those who want to get unstuck from their current position and want more from their life.

Allow me to guide you on your journey.

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Here are a few of our current products and courses. They all relate to NLP, Hypnosis, Self Development And Influence.

This online course was short and simple and straight to the point (if you think, a couple of hours is short, that is!). Andreas provides clear explanations, it is easy to understand with clear expectations, and this online version suits my time and hectic schedule. But most important of all, I get to replay parts I may missed earlier. I highly recommend this course to everyone that wants to not only learn how to understand himself or herself, but influence others easily.

Edward Liong
A week ago

My Review Rating

The LAB profile module was really Awesome!. I love that the module was compact, straight to the point, & very practical. The presentation was assisted with extra explanation & live demonstration, and this made it much easier to understand. Real live example made it easier to relate too. Also, the course is getting updated regularly with additional material. I highly recommend this course for people who are genuinely wants to connect with people ( also people who are in management, leadership, sales & parental role) . Its value for money! Dont wait! Just sign up! & see the improvement in your influencing skills.

Justin Gerard
A week ago

My Review Rating

This is one of the most engaging interactive courses I have ever taken. The tips (and exercises) are awesome and the instructor made the information in bite size pieces. Lots of great ideas, didn't even seem like and hour and a half. FOLLOWUP to course: In the first week I put 'mirroring' into place at one meeting I had and gained two clients from it. The next piece I tried what analyzing the eye movement, this was fun to do, because I did it in more of a social setting! Great way to find out if people are telling stories or not! LOL POINT is: practice....it felt weird at first but it really is quite natural.

Guy Harshman
A week ago

My Review Rating

What A Great Course. Highly Recommended!!

A week ago

My Review Rating


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