Facebook Live - How To Start Your Sessions With An Impact

Avoid Critical Mistakes Most Make When They Start Their Facebook Live Session.

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What Will You Learn:

How To Structure A FB Live Session

The exact structure of a powerful FB Live Session, so that you are successful

The Crucial 8 Seconds In The Beginning

Most people get the beginning of a FB Live Session wrong. Follow this sequence to get off to a great start

Engagement Triggers

Get an overview of how to engage the audience throughout your session

Get Personal

There is a way to get personal with your audience so that all have a good time with you. 

The Sequence To Opening A Session

Why you should always have a post description for your sessions

What To Do To Get Them Coming

A quick overview of how to get your viewers from getting excited about your session

Why You Should Join

If you don't go live today, you are missing out on huge opportunities to reach your audience. 

In this FREE Module, you learn an overview of how to start your in Facebook Live Sessions With An Impact. 

Why is that important? Because first impressions count. And this can be done conversationally in a FB Live session so you create lasting memories in your viewers' mind.

Additionally, you also get an overview of the structure of the remaining session on how to engage your viewers.

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The Power Of Goal Setting

Start Your FB Live Session With An Impact

About The Instructor

My name is Andreas Dorn, and I am a Certified NLP Trainer. I am happily married since 25 years and have a son age 23 years. 

The first time I went live was April 2017. I was scared - butterflies churned my stomach. I had no clue what I was doing, even so I was prepared. But I fell in love with going live and never stopped broadcasting.

On that day I received over 400 views. This was great, considering it was a new thing in Malaysia. 

Since then, I ran over 300 Facebook Live Sessions.  I learned many lessons along my way that I want to share with you. I messed up and recovered. 

Now I coach business people to go live, feel good in doing it, get 1,000s of views, and expand their business.  And I want to share this knowledge for you. It is more important than ever, to create an impact during your live videos.

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Andreas Dorn

Frequently Ask Question

Aside from an internet connection, and reasonable speed, you don't need to bring along anything but curiosity and the willingness to learn.

No. This is not possible since we like the personal interaction with you. Inside this course, you can ask questions, and we are available to answer it. This would not be possible if you download the course

Many factors determine success, and how do you know you will be successful? 
Can a course alone make you successful? Maybe not, and I cannot promise you success. But I do know that this course has been put together with the intention to make it easier for you to engage and motivate your viewers.

This course provides you with one full module on how to start your FB Live session. This alone can make or break your session. But you want to be aware that there is so much more to a FB Live session. From how to hold your camera, how to use your tonality, how to really engage the audience, and much more. All of this is provided in our paid course, and we would be happy to welcome and assist you there.

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People love Live Video. They can interact with the presenter and learn directly from you - the authority. Get it right, and going live can make the difference in your life. This video course has been designed to get you started in Facebook Live.

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