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From: Andreas Dorn

Are You feeling stressed and simply overwhelmed?

Do you sometimes struggle so hard to find the motivation to go to work?

Believe it or not, there was a time when you weren't stressed! And realise that you can get back to that stage

In fact, you actually deserve a stress free life, right? 

You most likely know that stress is a naturally occuring thing and can be good for us.

But excessive stress is dangerous. Real dangerous!!

So please, don't let your health be harmed just because of the lifestyle you're leading stresses you out.

Can You Imagine A Life Without Stress?

A lot of people live their lives around work, commuting and rushing to and from tasks.

Imagine for a second that you could actually not be stressed. That you could simply enjoy the time you have, instead of thinking about work and your other stresses.

  • Try putting your lifestyle first (yes, you can!!)
  • Discover how to re-evaluate your life and remove small stressors
  • Learn to SAY NO: Find out how to say NO to things that you don't have time for
  • Live a better life!


Why Do You Need To Remove Stress?

A lot of people reading this will know exactly why they want to remove stress from their lives.

Maybe it's impacting on your relationship. Are you becoming short with your partner? Don't have the desire or energy to have sex? Maybe you're not paying enough attention to the relationship?

Stress can also impact negatively on our physical as well as mental health. If you're stressed then you may find you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

- Tiredness
- Sickness
- Vomiting
- Struggling to sleep
- Headaches
- Sore and aching joints or muscles
- Frequent crying or breakdowns

The good news is, you can get through this. You are stronger than you think! This is simply a stage in your life, a tough one, but one that can be overcome.

By taking the right steps towards a better future you can remove small stressors from your life to relieve the pressure. After this you can start to make significant and beneficial changes.

Live a better life.

To Your Success,

Andreas Dorn


P.S. - This is the ultimate guide to leading a more balanced and stress-free life. Believe me, it is possible. You deserve it, so give it a chance and overcome your stressors. It's worth it!



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Your Course Material

Video 1 - What is Stress

Video 2 - The Different Types Of Stress

Video 3 - Stress At Work

Video 4 - Stress As An Entrepreneur

Video 5 - 10 Steps To Making Your Workplace Stressfree

Frequently Ask Question

Aside of an internet connection, and reasonable speed, you don't need to bring along anything but curiosity and the willingness to learn.

Sure you can watch the videos and follow the actionsteps. If you are in doubt, however, ask your healthcare provider first.

Honestly, we are not allowed to promise you any results. And the results can vary from person to person. But isn't any improvement better than living with stress? 

The course is most useful for those that experience heavy or even lighter stress related to life demands such as work, entrepreneurship, students, employees, or even those at home.

Well, it is 10 video lessons of various lengths, which will take you about 1 hour to work through. You receive an eBook which you can read in your leisure time, and a hypnotic recording, which you can download and use for the rest of your life. Additionally, we add material to this course every now and then. But since it is online and yours, you can access it anytime, anywhere

About The Instructor

My name is Andreas, and I am a Certified NLP- and Hypnotherapy Trainer.

I fall in love with Asia when I arrived in 1993. I thought that this was the place to build my existence.  

Little did I know that I was about to experience 10 years of uncertainty and chaos.

But when I learned NLP in 2003, I came to realise I had the inner power to master uncertainty, get unstuck and create my life.

And ever since, I teach this beautiful tool to those who want to get unstuck from their current position and want more from their life.

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Stress left unattended can cause serious damage to your health, your family, your relationships and your career. 


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